PVC counts among the most commonly used thermoplastics. No other thermoplastic offers such a wide range of applications and has been investigated as thoroughly as PVC.

Polyvinyl chloride is manufactured by polymerisation of vinyl chloride. The base materials for the production of vinyl chloride are chlorine and ethylene. The base material of chlorine is salt, either rock or sea salt.

In order to produce applications specific PVC compounds additives such as stabilizers, antistatic agents, fillers, lubricants, impact strength modifiers and for soft PVC in particular plasticizers. In soft PVC the material characteristics are largely determined by the plasticizer used. PVC is easy to dye and in general it is flexible from -10 °C to -20 °C depending on the content of plasticizer. Plasticizers comply with the most stringent food products regulations. At room temperature soft PVC is resists alkali and acids as well as many organic solvents.