Profiles are an important component of a conveyor belt, because with them the pull-in step of the goods to be transported can be improved and the transport capacity increased. Especially in the case of inclined conveyor belts the shifting of transport goods can be avoided. The profiles may be applied alongside as guiding profile as well as crosswise to improve the pull-in step of the goods to be transported. Depending on the good and the inclination of the conveyor the conveyor belts are equipped with different profiles.

We make our conveyor belt profiles of various thermoplastics. The choice of material is determined by the final application and the requirements of our customers. Depending on the final application our conveyor belt profiles may be made of oil and grease resistant materials as well as of materials suitable for contact with food in compliance with FDA and EU 10/2011 regulations. In addition you may obtain profiles with antimicrobial finish as well as metal detectable. The used soft PVC compounds are free of dioctylphthalate (DOP). For PVC profiles with higher demands on abrasion, strength or cold properties we use special PVC compounds.

Our materials meet the current REACH regulations.